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Clinician Visit in the last 2 years?  You're a Return Patient!

Did you know all Return Patient Visits include
     * your Health Coach
     * your Clinician
     * your 4-week personalized Success Map
     * your 4-week sample menu with lots of interchangable options
     * nutrients to meet your micro- and macro- needs
     * nutrients to increase energy & fight disease
     * Iceburg Issues, aka underlying issues impacting you


Let's Celebrate You Every 4 weeks
     Small, personalized changes quickly add up to big results. Visit so we can celebrate your success!
     Your Health Coach will collaborate with you on a new Success Map for the next 4 weeks addressing Iceberg Issues, lifestyle, nutrition, personal & health goals.
     Your Clinician will monitor medical issues, medications and labs. If indicated, your Clinician may prescribe an FDA approved prescription appetite suppressant.
     We will support you at every stage and phase. Visit every 4 weeks whether you are losing or maintaining weight.
     Research shows the critical factor for success is monthly visits with a supportive, expert medical team.

What's the best Return Patient option?
     The answer depends on how you want to pay for your ongoing 4 week Visits. All options are FSA/HSA eligible. Click on each option to learn more. Questions? Call us anytime at 770-438-8446.

        Full Price Pay-As-Go                            FREE Visits with Membership                         Save on Visit+Rx Bundles
                                                              Greatest Success & Savings